Ryo Umezawa / Hailo Japan CEO


Ryo has been with J-Seed Ventures since 2005, participating in several partner companies where he frequently assisted in starting up the businesses, marketing and business development. He has experience in the mobile/smartphone, online marketing and ad businesses. In 2008, he was in charge of starting up an iPhone ad network and produced an iPhone app at TrafficGate (currently LinkShare Japan K.K., a Rakuten, Inc. group company). Ryo also has experience in starting up his own venture, a mobile marketing company. Ryo is currently running a global startup, angel investor in several startups and serves as a advisor to a mobile marketing solution company in China and a Japanese publicly listed company that is investing in to business overseas.

Ryo was selected as a Leaders of Tomorrow at the 40th + 44th St. Gallen Symposium, also a member of World Economic Forum, Global Shapers Community (GSC) in Japan.