Tim Gong / SIG Asia Investment CEO


Tim Gong has been the head and founding member of SIG Asia Investment since its inception in 2016. With a PhD from Princeton University, Tim worked as a professor, technology consultant, entrepreneur, and angel investor in various academic and industrial sectors prior to joining SIG. SIG China is a leading venture capital firm that has invested nearly one billion US dollars into over 100 portfolios in sectors such as internet, mobile internet, new media, O2O, SaaS, big data and cloud technology, as well as consumer and entertainment, and etc. Over 25 SIG portfolios companies have gone public or been acquired. At present time SIG’s internet portfolios possess over 300 million DAU/DUV and a few millions online transactions each day worldwide. Now SIG Asia Investment has extended its footprint to Japan and South East Asia. Since 2014, SIG Asia Investment has invested over 7 companies in Japan.