We Need Staff for #SVFT
Young startup talents & students, if you’re interested in being a part, join us!

Why Should You Join Us?
With the help of #SVFT, we are aiming to build a platform where “global startups meet global talents.”
Japanese people can take Japanese start ups out there in this global world – and we strongly believe in this.
#SVFT this time will be conducted completely in English,and we are expecting not only participants from US and South East Asia but also start ups and investors.

– There is no common grounds for global start ups in Japan
– Foreign start ups feel the need for a common ground to connect in Japan

We are looking for people who can work with us and help us create this common ground where Japanese can connect with people from all over the world.

Meet Deepali Varshney and Cho Takayuki – the Student Leaders of #SVFT!

Why would you like to join us?
– To expand your network of global friends
– To meet people from global start ups
– To build a global point of view

+Application Form for #SVFT Staff
#SVFT Staff Application Form

+Staff Role
-Making Content
– Expanding Network
(Startups, VCs, Young Startup Talents and Students)
– Attending Guests and Participants
– Media Relations
– Translation Staff (On the day of the event)
and so on.

We continue to make a community within our staff.Staff Facebook Group